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Underwater version : After an interview again


This work is underwater version of "After an interview again(DW25-2)" I released on the 20th of November,2019. The underwater scene occupies 70% of this work. 

She is wearing her black recruitment suit with 2 buttons.getting into a pool, playing with a beach ball, diving to pick her pumps up, and swimming.Then she takes her jacket off, swimming the breaststroke and crawl stroke as fast as she can for a while. Of course you can enjoy watching her underwear through blouse in the pool. In the end, she goes to a shower room and takes a shower, you can watch shower scenes from low angle, too..   

■Underwater version : After an interview again(DW25-2UW)

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Physical training covered with mud


Eriko and her teammates of girl softball club at college hold annual summer event in a fallow rice field today. In the event, they run and do physical training, mud volleyball in the place covered with mud to develop their muscles and harden their truncus. Today Eriko is to take part in the event after job-interview. She was supposed to come home once, changing her clothes. But if she comes home, she won't be in time for the starting time of the event. So she makes up her mind to participate in the event with recruitment suit that she is wearing now!

When she arrive at the place where the event will be held, she starts to run in the fallow rice field and does stretching. After these, she does push-ups, sit-ups and so on with her suit on! Of course her suit is gradually covered with mud! Moreover she plays mud volleyball, receiving the ball while rolling on the mud several times. Her suit that was clean until a while ago now is MUDDY with her face and hair is dirty with mud, too. Finally she washes her body and suit in a simple water storage tub.


■Physical training covered with mud (DM17-3)
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After an interview again

Today I started to release new work 'After an interview again (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


Eriko is getting wet to the skin with her recruitment suit again! She goes to the suburban pool where she went with her best friend the other day.


She goes to the pool for the return of the interview as she did the other day. At the poolside, she is wearing suit with bag, being soused with water by friend in a jesting manner.She said to a friend 'Dripping wet!', but she is smiling for some reason. In fact, she enjoyed that time...coming there to get wet wet to the skin and swim with her suit on again!


After being sousing with water, she gets into the pool and plays with a beach ball or diving to pick her pumps up. She takes her jacket off, swimming the breaststroke and crawl stroke as fast as she can.

At the end she gets out of pool and puts her jacket on, moving to a shower room. She takes a shower, soon she takes her jacket off again, taking a shower to her heart's content.

■After an interview again (DW25-2)
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Trash the suit covered with mud

This scene is after the scene of  'Muddy suit by a penalty game, that was released before.


A college girl with black recruitment suit takes part in the last day of autumn training camp for a college's girls cricket club. After drinking party, only some girls holds game. She loses the game and receive a penalty game that she gets dirty with mud by coverring her suit! However penalty game isn't over! Moreover, the contents of the penalty game escalate because girls get drunk!

Her suit gets muddy and mud soaks into cloth of the suit or blouse, she would not wear them suit again even if she send them to the dry‐cleaner's shop! So she declared that she would cut her suit and blouse with scissors here, carrying out as she had said.

Some time ago, she cut her suit which she had worn at the part-time job. Now she remembers that time. She cuts her skirt, jacket and blouse again as she did that time! You can watch her suit covered with mud getting cut gradually!

■Trash the suit covered with mud (DA13-2)
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Muddy suit by a penalty game


Today is the last day of autumn training camp for a college's girls cricket club. Only college seniors take part in the camp. After a ceremony that is performed at the end of the camp, they do a drinking party, doing game party with applicants. In the ceremony, they usually wear black recruitment suit worn for their job-hunting. So if they also participate in the game party, it is necessarily for them to wear their recruitment suit. And participants in the game party must have one more suit for change. It is unspoken agreement for them.

Because,if a girl lose the game, she should receive a penalty game! There are some penalty game, for example, being dropped into the pool, being splashed water, covering mud and so on. However, they participate in the game at their own risk, bringing suit for change. They try game for kicks with thinking of being mussed up their suit!

First time is for twister game. A participant turns ten times of roulette and performs the thing shown there, moving her hands or feet on a-colored mark. She gives up at first, so she should be received a penalty game!

This penalty game is sitting or lying on the muddy floor that looks like a ground after rain. All participants will remember the event that they became muddy with their cute pleated skirt uniform in a cricket game in the rainy season. Now she must cover her suit with mud like that day, though today she wear suit not uniform. The penalty game will last until all participants are satisfied with her act! In the end, her black recruitment suit is covered with mud!

■Muddy suit by a penalty game
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WET GIRLS 10 chapter1


This is 10th collaborative work( chapter 1 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

At the end of 2nd term, in a high school, a print of the supplementary lesson guidance was distributed to students who lack credits. Some students who are often absent from swimming class are to take supplementary lesson.

It is swimming fully clothed! The school teacher with suit carries out swimming supplementary lesson for a student with winter uniform. This is chapter 1 of the story.

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With lucky recruitment suit

Today I started to release new work 'With lucky recruitment suit (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


A college girl received an unofficial job offer from a company. She goes to orientation session held by the company for incoming employee from next year. The company has a sanitarium with a pool in the suburbs. Today the orientation is to held here. Various games are carried out to communicate with participants.


The first game is 'passing ball game' in the poolside. If participants lose a ball in the pool, he or she should get into the pool with suit and picks the ball up as a penalty. Moreover the person moves to a bathroom and should bathe or take a shower as a suit, getting wet to the skin. She is driven by an urge that she wants to take a bath with her suit that she wore at the final interview.


She drops a ball on purpose. She is glad to accept the penalty. She gets into the pool, it is unexpectedly cold in the pool. So she goes to bathroom immediately and takes a warm water shower, soaking in a bath afterwards. Finally, She takes off a jacket and takes a bath, being splashed with water by other person!

■With lucky recruitment suit (DW24-3)
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