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Trash the suit for job-huntting


I started to release 'Trash the suit for job-huntting'. It is a scene after 'Dirty suit by taste test'. This new work(Trash the suit for job-huntting) is a set commodity made up of video clip and photo sets!

A cute college girl is wearing suit for job-huntting. It is typical black suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan. She is wearing a black tight skirt, a  black jacket with 1 button and an open-collared white blouse!

At first, a staff cuts her skirt with scissors. After that she slits cloth of skirt or blouse into strips by herself! Of course, her skirt becomes short and the blouse and the jacket are to rags. Finally she takes a shower with suit that was torn to shreds!

Sample video clip of the work isn't uploaded on my YouTube channel but on the XCREAM order(explanation) page below.

■Trash the suit for job-huntting
video clip(10 min) and photo sets(95 images)
・・・(1300 YEN)? order page


Dirty suit by taste test


A college girl with black suit puts a bandage over her eyes.She is to do simple taste test. She guesses what the substances being poured over her head are!

After pouring some substances, her suit becomes dirty. Her white blouse was dyed by liquid with the color and was never worn! If she misstakes the test, she is to take a penaly game!

■'Dirty suit by taste test'(DM10-2)
①video clip・・・16 min.(2000 YEN)➡ order page
②photo sets・・・132 images(800 YEN)➡ order page


Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'3

Today I started to sell Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'3(DW15-3).


This work is a sequel to Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2(DW15-2), basing on a story that a young girl just enters a college and participates in trial 'fully clothed swimming club'.


In this scene, she is wearing a single navy blue suit with 3 buttons. At first, she plays with big water balloons in the poolside. Water balloons are not readily broken, but when I give a certain device to her, probability to be broken increases. So her suit has got wet to the skin!


There is no hesitation after that. She is willing to sit down and bathes in the shallow place of the pool, smiling at us! Then she gets into the pool and dives many times over! At the end, she swims fully-clothed with a kickboard. She came to understand pleasure of WET world!

■Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'3(DW15-3)
video clip・・・21 min.(2400 YEN)➡ order page


Underwater version : Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer1


This work is underwater version of "Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer1" that I released on the 15th of October,2016. The underwater scene occupies 95% of main parts. 

She is a cute Japanese college girl wearing a charcoal-gray wool skirt suit with 3 boutons. She swims the breaststroke, diving into water, floating on the water as if she were a dead body. Sometimes she come up from the water and sits down on the poolside.Please enjoy the world of underwater!

■Underwater version : Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer1(DW16-1UW)

video clip・・・10 min.(1200 YEN) order page


Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2


Today I started to sell Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2(DW15-2).

This work is a sequel to Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1(DW15-1), basing on a story that a young  girl just enters a college and participates in  trial 'fully clothed swimming club'. 


In this scene, she is wearing a single light gray suit with 3 buttons. As her sense of terror for water has not been completely removed, she walks around the pool. But only walking isn't interesting for her. So I adopt a game-like factor on that! She throws some balls into a pool and she gets into the pool, picking them up one by one. She repeats two set of games with her suit on!


In the pool, if she picks up the ball of the neighboring lane, she should sinks under the bottom of the course rope. She covers the face by hands whenever she goes up from under the water. The gesture is very innocent. She sometimes goes up to the poolside in order to put a ball, then water drips from the hem of her jacket and skirt. After picking up all balls, she wears swimming goggle and swims with a kickboard. She is gradually getting used to swimming fully-clothed.

■Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2 (DW15-2)
video clip・・・19 min.(2200 YEN)➡ order page


New release! Surrounded by water balloons!


Today I started to sell 'Surrounded by water balloons!'(DW14-2). This new work is made up of video clip and photo sets!

At first, a cute college girl takes a shower and a bath. Bathtub becomes full with water balloons by 'Magic Balloons'! She is surrounded by many water balloons step by step.

Dw14b_2After enjoying bathing with water balloons which is a mysterious experience beyond her normal perceptions, she plays mini game with me. If she loses the game, she is to receive a penalty game for me (us)! Of course she loses the game!


She takes off her jacket as the penalty game, so you can watch her cute brassiere through her white blouse! As she is very shy girl, that is enough as a penalty game for her.

■'Surrounded by water balloons!'(DW14-2)
①video clip・・・22 min.(2400 YEN)? order page
②photo sets・・・83 images(700 YEN)? order page


Mud beauty treatment of the whole body


A college girl is to take mud beauty treatment of the whole body. But she is shy about taking off clothes... What'll happen to her? As she hesitates to take off her suit for job-interview, she has to take mud beauty treatment with her suit!


At first she opens the bag of the commercially available clay pack, putting powder of the inside into a pail. After that she mixes it with hot water and dissolves it. When she makes mud for beauty treatment, smearing not only her face or legs but also her skirt, jcket and blouse with mud.


In the end she takes a shower and removes mud on suit, otherwise she isn't able to go home. After taking a shower, she takes a bath fully clothed to get relaxing effect!

■'Mud beauty treatment of the whole body'(DM10-1)
①video clip・・・26 min.(2600 YEN)➡ order page
②photo sets・・・158 images(1000 YEN)➡ order page


Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1


This work is based on a story that a young girl just enters a college and participates in trial 'fully clothed swimming club'.


In this scene,she is wearing a single black suit with 2 buttons, being in the poolside. As it is very reckless to dash immediately into the pool without warming‐up first, she does warming‐up and splashes water by herself. When she gets used to the water, getting into the pool!


But she isn't able to swim! So she walks around the pool, doing diving without diving equipment and swims using a kickboard to get rid of a vague sense of terror for water.

■Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1 (DW15-1)
video clip・・・21 min.(2400 YEN)➡ order page


WETLOOK : Keeping out the heat

Thank you for waiting for new work of Office Lady Special! Today I started to sell 'WETLOOK Keeping out the heat'(DW14-1)'.This new work is made up of video clip and photo sets!



Summer in Japan is very humid. College girls doing job-huntting must wear their suit in such a hot condition. I think they should pour water on themselves!(haha)

In this work, a cute college girl who looks good with a suit pours water on herself to keep out the heat. She has drenched by the water immediately. As she cooled down, she took a bath and relaxed.


The color of her recruitment suit is charcoal gray, so the part of the suit getting wet with water gradually discolors blackish, giving off luster in sunlight. The situation is very beautiful!

■'WETLOOK Keeping out the heat'(DW14-1)
①video clip・・・18 min.(2000 YEN)➡ order page
②photo sets・・・101 images(700 YEN)➡ order page


3rd(last) day of Swimming with suit


Thank you for waiting! today I started to sell 3rd(last) scene of new work; "Training camp with swimming club [ Swimmng with suit lasting for three days!] " . This new work are consisted of 3 scenes. If you want to know about 1st or 2nd scene, please see previous articles for details!


In 3rd [last] scene(this video clip), a beautiful Japanese model is wearing navy-blue recruitment suit with three button, acting a college girl who belongs to the swimming club, taking part in a swimming club training camp lasting for three days. Of course, this scene shows 3rd [last] day of a training camp with swimming club. She enjoys swimming or  bathing !   

Firstly, she does kicking(beating) water by her feet in the poolside, touching her buttocks in the shallow place in the pool, so her suit is dripping wet in an instant! And she tries to get into the pool, noticing that she didn't do warming‐up exercises! She carry them out hastily. 


After that she gets into the pool, swimming the breaststroke. After a light swim she comes up from the water and sat down on a bench on the poolside, having a break. She jumps into the pool, starting to swim again. In an interval of the swimming, she sits down on a kickboard or floats her body in the pool!


This is "last day" training camp. So she enjoys 'bathing with suit' after swimming! As the water of the bath is much warmer than that of the pool, she is relaxed and become comfortable. When she feels hot,taking off her jacket. You can watch her sexy black brassiere through her blouse! 

■3rd(last) day of Swimming with suit(DW13-3)
①video clip・・・26 min.(1800 YEN)➡ order page
②photo sets・・・62 images(500 YEN)➡ order page