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Bringing out a new work soon!


At the early of this year, I had a chance to make wetlook videos in thailand as I had shown on previous articles, having released 'pool version' in February. 

I will release' beach version' late this month! To take beach scene, we moved to a beach where we could hardly see a person around that area. That area is over 150 kilometers away from Bangkok in the south. This area covers some famous spots, but we took video a slightly separated from there. 

Look forword to releasing! 


In a certain country of Southeast Asia.


Last month I went to a certain country of Southeast Asia far away from Japan(I'm Japanese), taking videos and photos. It was first photography of this year and first photography overseas for me!

So it was very challenging and I had a good experience, learning many things from that! One of them is that WETLOOK is  common around the world.(hahaha)


Usually I make it a rule to do a personal interview with a Japanese model before photography in Japan, this time I looked for a model in Thailand!(Though I have a great anxiety to go abroad with a Japanese model one day in the fufure.)

We(staff and I) had a hard time, but got a cute model somehow, took videos and photos in an outdoor pool of resort hotel, on a beach and in an exotic bathroom.


Now I have uploaded photos step by step on my instgram gallery, releasing first video clip ( pool scene) at the end of this month. Look forward to releasing!


New muddy work in this summer!


I didn't make muddy video clips in 3 years. I made muddy video clips in survival game ground 3 years ago, this summer I made new ones in a fallow rice field of the Kanto area in Japan!

It was first time for me to make a video in a fallow rice field. I was looking for a fallow or abandoned rice field for these several years. Yes, I realized my wishes!


Today I show only 2 photographs. The former is taken near the fallow rice field, the latter is taken in the fallow rice field.

I will release first scene(video clip) in the middle of September.(about the 20th) Look forward to the releasing!


Cheers to a great 2017!


Much peace, love and joy to you all in 2017. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year!

I will make and publish new works this year, too! I have some ambitious schedules outdoors around this summer.

Within this week, I will release first work in this year!


Underwater version2


Last week, I released new work "Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2". This work is a sequel to Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1, having the underwater version, too!

I will release underwater version at the end of this month. Then, I will upload sample video on my YouTube channnel. Please wait for 3 or 4 days. Thank you!


Surrounded by water balloons!


Bathtub became full with water balloons by 'Magic Balloons'! She is surrounded by water balloons. What will happen to her after that?

I will release new work this weekend!


New messy video clip


I will release new messy work,'Mud beauty treatment of the whole body '' at the end of this month.

A college girl is to take mud beauty treatment of the whole body. But she is shy about taking off clothes... What'll happen to her?


Underwater version1


A few days ago, I released new work "Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1". In fact, this work has the underwater version, too!


I will release underwater version within 1 or 2 days! Please look forward to new work!


New work! This weekend!


This weekend, I am going to publish new wetlook work!

Of course, I will show details of the work, sample video clip and some photos.

On my work, the casts( Japanese models) are wearing suit or outfit for office, but on next 2 works, a model takes off her jacket from the beginning! Look forward to new works!


Wait for opening sample video!


I will start to sell new work this weekend on download site 'XCREAM' . New work is made up of three scenes( 3 video clips). Main title is "Training camp with swimming club [ Swimmng with suit lasting for three days!] ". I will release first scene this weekend!

As I announced previous article, from this new work, I will sell one new video clip(1 scene) at a time by download.


In this new work, a beautiful Japanese model is wearing charcoal gray suit with three button, doing warming‐up exercises before getting into the pool. This video clip contains underwater scene. She swims earnestly with suit on!

Please wait for the details of the work and opening sample video clip until the starting date for sale!