Muddy suit by a penalty game


Today is the last day of autumn training camp for a college's girls cricket club. Only college seniors take part in the camp. After a ceremony that is performed at the end of the camp, they do a drinking party, doing game party with applicants. In the ceremony, they usually wear black recruitment suit worn for their job-hunting. So if they also participate in the game party, it is necessarily for them to wear their recruitment suit. And participants in the game party must have one more suit for change. It is unspoken agreement for them.

Because,if a girl lose the game, she should receive a penalty game! There are some penalty game, for example, being dropped into the pool, being splashed water, covering mud and so on. However, they participate in the game at their own risk, bringing suit for change. They try game for kicks with thinking of being mussed up their suit!

First time is for twister game. A participant turns ten times of roulette and performs the thing shown there, moving her hands or feet on a-colored mark. She gives up at first, so she should be received a penalty game!

This penalty game is sitting or lying on the muddy floor that looks like a ground after rain. All participants will remember the event that they became muddy with their cute pleated skirt uniform in a cricket game in the rainy season. Now she must cover her suit with mud like that day, though today she wear suit not uniform. The penalty game will last until all participants are satisfied with her act! In the end, her black recruitment suit is covered with mud!

■Muddy suit by a penalty game
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Playing with mudd for her leisure


An muddy fallow rice field opens before the eyes of Eriko. It is the place where she became muddy with her recruitment suit on the way to her house from job hunting the other day. She couldn't forget the experience, the sense that she had gotten in the mud! She has become aware of the playing with mud.


Eriko is now wearing her beige suit which was given by an older sister at the time of a university admission. She did not think that she would wear it for playing with mud! Now she steps into a muddy fallow rice field while apologizing to an older sister in her mind....


■Playing with mud for her leisure(DM17-2)
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Covered with cream at a clinic


Eriko is a college girl who dreams of becoming a nursery school teacher, doing job-hunting hard to realize its her hope! But she feels terrible stress for herself, thinking of going in a psychosomatic medicine.


One day she found the existence of the psychosomatic medicine clinic which seems to be interesting. It was a clinic that does treatments getting covered with cream. The clinic recommends that being covered with cream reduces stress and regains health condition of mind and body.

As Eriko is interested in that treatments and reserves immediately! She is to be taken a 'creamy treatment' on the way from tomorrow's job-interview

■Covered with cream at a clinic (DM16-2)
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Graduation research covered with mud


Eriko entered a local university about 3 years ago, being a senior.
She makes an effort for job hunting or graduation research every day. She is majoring in creature department at the university.
Recently she can't capture some creatures, being worried about what she should do from now on.


One day, on the way to her house from job hunting, she noticed something in a fallow rice field. She forgets that now she is wearing recruitment suit for job hunting, getting into the fallow rice field.
While she looks for a creature, her suit is to get muddy...


■Graduation research covered with mud (DM17-1)
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Severe training for interview


Eriko is a college girl who dreams of becoming a nursery school teacher desides to take part in a training for interview of a training school for teachers. Now she wears new black recruitment suit that she purchaseed for today.

Training for interview starts when she enters a bathroom! It's funny to train in the bathroom, but it's natural to think about being done here from now.


During training for interview, she must not be surprised and answer for some questions even if anything happens to her! When she answers, cream and mud are dumped! Her suit gets messy with cream and gradually.

After being messed, she was thrown hot water in the bathtub over her body for several times! But her suit is still dirty, so she takes a shower, taking a bath to wash her suit, not knowing the fate.....

■Severe training for interview (DM16-1)
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The way of celebration for baseball team assistant girl


Eriko is one of a baseball team assistants, she takes care of the baseball team of a university.


Today she is to be celebrated by a certain unique way! She is now standing beside a fallow rice field, wearing black recruitment suit that she wore during job-hunting!

The way of celebration for her is that she does what is said from members. She is to be covered with mud in the end.

■The way of celebration for baseball team assistant girl (DM15-2)
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An examination to enter the women's soccer club


A girl entered a certain women's college this spring. Now she is wearing her clean suit that she wore at an entrance ceremony.


Today she will take an examination to enter the women's soccer club at her college, being at a fallow rice field. The contents of the examination were beyond her imagination.

It will be conducted in a fallow rice field where water was filled. Look at her figure with suit that will be covered with mud!

■An examination to enter the women's soccer club(DM15-1)
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Making a mudball


A college girl dreams of working as a nursery school teacher, taking part in a practical skill interview of a certain kindergarten. At the interview, she was assigned a task to make a mudball. Making a mudball is one of the important play with kindergarteners! So a nursery school teachers should learn to make a mudball to teach it to kindergarteners.

On the practical skill interview, it is common to wear jersey and so on, because the clothes become dirty with mud! Some applicants forget to bring jersey for spare clothes, so Eriko is now! She is wearing black recruitment suit after cleaning, making a mudball. Of course, her skirt gets dirty with mud step by step! Though she did her best, she was not able to pass the interview, being to covered with mud as if she played with mud with kindergarteners. As she couldn't pass the interview, she appeals to interviewer for recovery.

■Making a mudball (DM14-2)

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At a fetish party


A college girl doing job-hunting takes part in a fetish party. At first she thinks it's a normal delightful party. But is is a fetish party, messy(covering cream) party! When she knows the fact, she is surprised! Now she comes a party place on the way from interviews for job-hunting today. So she is now wearing fresh charcoal-gray recruitment suit!

She hesitates to take part in this party, but this kind of experience isn't really something she can have.So she makes up her mind to do that! She participates only a little, because it's not good for her suit to be stained with cream. After 'CREAM FIGHT'she washes her suit with cream by taking a shower, taking a bath, taking off her jacket.

A lot of wet scenes occupy this product more than messy scenes.

■At a fetish party(DM14-1)

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In return for refusal of an unofficial job offer


A college girl, Eriko has gotten an unofficial offer for employment from two comnanies, so she must decline either offer. She was called by a person in charge of personnel affairs. Now she is 'that place'! Here is a fallow rice field where she got muddy once.(when she was doing job-hunting) 


She must pluck up weeds in a fallow rice field instead of declination of unofficial job offer. She gets into the fallow rice field with her black recruitment suit on!(typical suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan)


At first she is very careful that her suit doesn't become dirty. But when she notices that there are splashes of mud on her tight skirt, she doesn't mind to sitting on the muddy water, plucking up weeds! In the end, moreover she gets muddy and daubs her skirt and jacket with mud!

■In return for refusal of an unofficial job offer (DM13-2)

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