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Trash the suit covered with mud

This scene is after the scene of  'Muddy suit by a penalty game, that was released before.


A college girl with black recruitment suit takes part in the last day of autumn training camp for a college's girls cricket club. After drinking party, only some girls holds game. She loses the game and receive a penalty game that she gets dirty with mud by coverring her suit! However penalty game isn't over! Moreover, the contents of the penalty game escalate because girls get drunk!

Her suit gets muddy and mud soaks into cloth of the suit or blouse, she would not wear them suit again even if she send them to the dry‐cleaner's shop! So she declared that she would cut her suit and blouse with scissors here, carrying out as she had said.

Some time ago, she cut her suit which she had worn at the part-time job. Now she remembers that time. She cuts her skirt, jacket and blouse again as she did that time! You can watch her suit covered with mud getting cut gradually!

■Trash the suit covered with mud (DA13-2)
video clip・・・15 min.(2000 YEN) order page


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