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Underwater version : With recruitment suit on


This work is underwater version of "With recruitment suit on(DW25-1)" I released on the 25th of October,2019. The underwater scene occupies 78% of this work. 

She is wearing a dark gray recruitment suit with 2 buttons.getting into a pool, walking around the pool, swimming the breast stroke. She repeats getting out or getting into the pool several times, of course I took film the condition at that time. She takes her jacket off and swims again for a while, so you can watch her underwear through blouse in the pool, In the end, she goes to a shower room and takes a shower, you can watch shower scenes from low angle, too.   

■Underwater version : With recruitment suit on(DW25-1UW)

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With recruitment suit on

Today I started to release new work 'With recruitment suit on (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


Eriko is a college student doing job-hunting these days. One day in the evening, on the telephone she talked with her best friend and promised to go to the pool as memory of the summer vacation. As she isn't good at swimming, she hesitated to go to the pool, but she agreed to go there the wish of her best friend!


In the morning of the day of the appointed day, Eriko was to go for the interview of a certain company. So she goes to the pool for the return of the interview. However, she had a lot on her mind about the interview, so she forgot to bring a 'swimsuit'.( though she is wearing 'recruitment suit' now. haha) She sits down in the poolside and only sees her friend swim, then her friend said to her 'Let's swim with me, it's very hot day, maybe your suit will dry immediately...'. In the beginning, she is lacking in courage for getting into the pool with her suit on, but she decides to enter the pool without hesitation. Because she is to take the suit to the cleaner tomorrow.


At first, before getting into the pool she does warming up. She goes into the pool slowly. Her charcoal gray suit of wet part turns into blackish in an instant. she hates that water is cold moreover, her suit(especially lining of tight skirt ) clings to her body. But she begins to think that the sense is unexpectedly gradually comfortable. When she uses to cold water in the pool, she swims the breast stroke for trial. As she did not swim for years, she has uneasiness toward swimming. But she is able to swim to a certain degree, enjoying swimming with her suit on for a while!


After a time, she takes her jacket off, swimming the breast stroke again. As it is easy to swim, this time she can swim well. In the end she moves to shower room and takes hot water to her body. Until just a while ago, she is wearing her suit properly, now she gets wet to the skin and her suit gets the creases in a skirt.

■With recruitment suit on (DW25-1)
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For the coming Songkran

Today I started to release new work 'For the coming Songkran (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


A college girl gets an unofficial offer from the company that she mostly wanted to join. As next spring she is to graduate from her college, she decides to do a short-term language study abroad in Thiland for commemoration of her graduation.

The university where she goes is preppy school for ladies. She purchase a regulation uniform for school at once by internet. In Thiland, students are obliged to wear uniform. Women students should wear white blouse and black or navy-blue skirt.(tight or pleated skirt) Length of skirt and the design vary by school or a school year. In her school, freshers are to wear a long tight skirt as it seems to touch the ground. Because length is surprisingly very long, just by looking, there is not an exposure part at all. But it has very long slit in back!


In Thiland she will take part in Songkran that is traditional New Year celebrated in several Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand Songkran is held every year in April. Anyone can participate in that event. and splashes water on each other. So she plays water and takes a bath and so on in a bathroom in order to get used to get wet through!

■For the coming Songkran(DW23-3)

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Playing with mudd for her leisure


An muddy fallow rice field opens before the eyes of Eriko. It is the place where she became muddy with her recruitment suit on the way to her house from job hunting the other day. She couldn't forget the experience, the sense that she had gotten in the mud! She has become aware of the playing with mud.


Eriko is now wearing her beige suit which was given by an older sister at the time of a university admission. She did not think that she would wear it for playing with mud! Now she steps into a muddy fallow rice field while apologizing to an older sister in her mind....


■Playing with mud for her leisure(DM17-2)
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The continuation of 'After the part-time job'

This scene is the continuation of 'After the part-time job', that starts after taking a bath.


A college girl isn't satisfied with only taking a bath, moreover, carrying out some emotions surged strongly from the depth of the heart.

She is seized with the feeling that wants to cut her suit which she wore at the part-time job. She cuts the suit with scissors, in order of skirt, jacket, blouse. Of course it is first experience to do that for her. But she likes this, feels refreshed strangely, too. She has not done such a thing, therefore she can get mysterious refreshment.


After having cut her suit, she enjoys bathing again, though this time with ripped suit! The pieces of cloth of the skirt or jacket float on the surface of the hot water. When she soaks in a bathtub and her body warms, she goes out of the bathtub and she lies on the floor of bathroom. Her thigh and hios appearing from ripped skirt are sexy.

■The continuation of 'After the part-time job' (DA13-1)
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After the part-time job

Today I started to release new work 'After the part-time job (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


A college girl does job-hunting these days. Today she does part‐time job that is teacher of the cram school. Last time she was absent from job because she had been tired from the activities of job hunting, so today she is to work hard! During the work, the teachers are obliged to wear suit.


She wears recruitment suit on the days of job-hunting, otherwise she usually wears black business suit with pleated skirt for part‐time job. The suit is stylish and the design is totally different from the recruitment suit. She wears glasses on the part‐time job as she has poor eyesight. The atmosphere looks like a school teacher, and she is very popular among schoolboys at the cram school.


When she finished the substantial part-time job, coming home, remembering that she had taken a bath with her recruitment suit last time. That time she was healed very much, and the comfortable sense revives. It is a secret for herself, she cannot say to another person. She decides to take a bath with her suit again. She enters the bathtub when she confirms her figure with suit in a mirror, getting wet form skirt with her pumps on, too! Because her skirt is flare pleats, the skirt spreads on the surface of the water, soaking in a bathtub. She takes a bath with her skirt holding by hand.

Then she enjoys bath time for a while. Her body with suit is in hot water, wiggling her body,pushing out buttocks, stretching in a bathtub. As she feels glowingly warm in temperature, getting out of bathtub. When she looks her figure again, some emotions surges strongly from the depth of the heart. It is beyond description!

■After the part-time job (DW24-2)
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WET GIRLS 09 chapter2


This is 9th collaborative work( chapter 2 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

A senior of the swimming club which entered the university drops in at the high school with her new suit for the return of the entrance ceremony of the university.

When she sits down in the poolside, this pool reminds her of the good high school days. Imperceptibly junior in school days approaches from the senior's back and push her down into the pool. She drops into the pool, her suit getting soaked! There was the experience that the junior pushed into a pool by the senior at the swimming camp last summer, therefore the junior just did the revenge today...! This is chapter 2 of the story.

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