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Muddy suit by a penalty game


Today is the last day of autumn training camp for a college's girls cricket club. Only college seniors take part in the camp. After a ceremony that is performed at the end of the camp, they do a drinking party, doing game party with applicants. In the ceremony, they usually wear black recruitment suit worn for their job-hunting. So if they also participate in the game party, it is necessarily for them to wear their recruitment suit. And participants in the game party must have one more suit for change. It is unspoken agreement for them.

Because,if a girl lose the game, she should receive a penalty game! There are some penalty game, for example, being dropped into the pool, being splashed water, covering mud and so on. However, they participate in the game at their own risk, bringing suit for change. They try game for kicks with thinking of being mussed up their suit!

First time is for twister game. A participant turns ten times of roulette and performs the thing shown there, moving her hands or feet on a-colored mark. She gives up at first, so she should be received a penalty game!

This penalty game is sitting or lying on the muddy floor that looks like a ground after rain. All participants will remember the event that they became muddy with their cute pleated skirt uniform in a cricket game in the rainy season. Now she must cover her suit with mud like that day, though today she wear suit not uniform. The penalty game will last until all participants are satisfied with her act! In the end, her black recruitment suit is covered with mud!

■Muddy suit by a penalty game
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