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After the part-time job

Today I started to release new work 'After the part-time job (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


A college girl does job-hunting these days. Today she does part‐time job that is teacher of the cram school. Last time she was absent from job because she had been tired from the activities of job hunting, so today she is to work hard! During the work, the teachers are obliged to wear suit.


She wears recruitment suit on the days of job-hunting, otherwise she usually wears black business suit with pleated skirt for part‐time job. The suit is stylish and the design is totally different from the recruitment suit. She wears glasses on the part‐time job as she has poor eyesight. The atmosphere looks like a school teacher, and she is very popular among schoolboys at the cram school.


When she finished the substantial part-time job, coming home, remembering that she had taken a bath with her recruitment suit last time. That time she was healed very much, and the comfortable sense revives. It is a secret for herself, she cannot say to another person. She decides to take a bath with her suit again. She enters the bathtub when she confirms her figure with suit in a mirror, getting wet form skirt with her pumps on, too! Because her skirt is flare pleats, the skirt spreads on the surface of the water, soaking in a bathtub. She takes a bath with her skirt holding by hand.

Then she enjoys bath time for a while. Her body with suit is in hot water, wiggling her body,pushing out buttocks, stretching in a bathtub. As she feels glowingly warm in temperature, getting out of bathtub. When she looks her figure again, some emotions surges strongly from the depth of the heart. It is beyond description!

■After the part-time job (DW24-2)
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