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Muddy at a Welcoming Ceremoniy of a company

Dm12a01Today I released new muddy work of this year! For specific information, please refer to the following,thank you!

A woman got job for business firm, belonging to division of agronomy and horticultural science as she had wanted!


Today welcoming ceremoniy is held by the company. After meeting or lecture, new workers in the company containing Eriko(Heroine) went to a fallow rice field that the company owns!


There, she pulls up weeds in the fallow rice field with her suit on! Today she is wearing navy blue suit that she bought recently. She gives care not to soil her suit with mud. But she unfortunately fell on her butt in the fallow rice field. Her suit gets dirty with mud and she says to herself 'Who cares?' She lies down on her belly,rolling around, taking off her jacket and daub her blouse with mud! 

■Muddy at a Welcoming Ceremoniy of a company (DM12-1)

video clip・・・29 min.(2800 YEN) order page


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