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Twister Game To Soaking Wet!

The other day, I announce about new Wetlook work(DW12).Today I'll show you the details of 1st scene.

In 1st scene, a Japanese real female office worker appears. She wears her black outfit for office. The suit is very stylish and it becomes her! The skirt has some pleats on its front and back. That makes her impression fashionable!


Setting aside her fashion, at first she plays twister game in this scene. If she gives up or her buttocks touches on the floor, she will be loser of the game and is to be given a game played as a form of punishment by the loser of the twister game, getting into a pool.


Only several minutes, she became the loser of the game as expected! So she got into the pool step by step, her skirt having been rolled up then!
She walked about in the pool and soaked to her shoulder. And she played with a beach ball, trying to ride her body on it.


Up until just a while ago, as her suit was neat and tidy, now they are soaked to the skin, and the ribbon of the blouse came loose. Moreover the blouse has come outside of the waistband of the skirt.

The gap before and after getting into the pool is good! After having gone out of the pool, she took a bath and the hot bath relaxed her.


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