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1st day of a training camp with swimming club

A model acts a college girl who belongs to the swimming club. In Japan college girls who belong to sports-oriented club usually wear formal suit at the time of moving of tournament, ceremony, a club training camp and so on. They wear suit worn at the entrance ceremony of the college or now being used for job-hunting. 


In this scene, she wears navy blue suit. Today she participates in a swimming club training camp.
"No!" She forgot her swimsuit for competitive swimming. As she couldn't return home, she was obliged to swim with her suit! But she wasn't allowed to swim in a pool for swimming races because she doesn't wear swimsuit, getting into another pool for adjusting a body to water.


This pool is narrow, so she couldn't swim to her heart's content. She only played with beach ball or soaked in a pool.
She made an effort to keep an actual feeling that she had taken part in the camp, appealing other members by soaking wet with navy blue suit that she purchased for job hunting!


After a little while, feeling that she wants to swim got stronger. However, the pool isn't for swimming races and narrow, so she couldn't swim like other members in earnest. But she swam the breaststroke from end to end of the pool many times.
As she swam with suit, she was considerably tired, deciding to finish swimming today. When she got out of the pool, water dripped from the hem of the jacket and the skirt.


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