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The latest photography

Next month I'll release new Wetlook work(DW12) taken in an indoor pool. In the near future, I am going to explain the details with some photos. Today I announce about the outline.

There are totally 3 scenes in the new work. In every scene of the new work, there is a bonus clip ( underwater scene )


In 1st scene, a Japanese cute model who is really office worker wears her black outfit for office. The suit is very stylish, skirt has some pleats on its front and back. At first she plays twister game, if she gives up or her buttocks touches on the floor, she will be loser of the game and is to be given a game played as a form of punishment by the loser of the twister game, getting into a pool!


In next 2nd and 3rd scenes, she acts a college girl who belongs to the swimming club. In Japan college girls who belong to sports-oriented club usually wear formal suit at the time of moving of tournament, ceremony, a club training camp and so on. They wear suit worn at the entrance ceremony of the college or now being used for job-hunting. 

In next 2nd scene, she wears navy blue suit. Today she participates in a swimming club training camp! '"No!" She forgot her swimsuit for competitive swimming. As she couldn't return home, she was obliged to swim with her suit! But she wasn't allowed to swim in a pool for swimming races, getting into another pool for adjusting a body to water. This pool is narrow, so she couldn't swim to her heart's content. She only played with beach ball or soaked in a pool.


In 3rd scene, she wears black suit.
She should wear the navy blue suit that she wore yesterday, wearing black suit that she had for return! She did the breaststroke and crawl swimming and sank underwater in the narrow pool.

Next time I will open the detail about 1st scene with some photos. 


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