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First comfortable bath time with suit

Today I started to release new work 'First comfortable bath time with suit (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!


A college girl is doing job-hunting. She is very busy with classes or part‐time job that is lecturer of the cram school. She was tired from job-hunting very much today, so today she decided to be absent from part‐time job and returned home, directly going to bathroom. She thought that it was troublesome to take her suit off, taking a bath with her suit on!


Recently she knew that there is a fetish world called "the clothing bathing" while she looked at the world of the fetishism on internet. She begun to be interested in that world somehow, but she did not think that she really experienced that by herself today. She enters the bathtub which has not yet filled with hot water, getting wet to the skin when gradually filled with hot water.

After that she took water from a head with a pail, lying down on the floor of the bathroom and wanted to do something unusual. She felt of immorality for taking a bath with her suit for a job-hunting, not thinking soaking wet with suit is exhilarating and the feeling was beyond description!


Feeling hot, she takes off a jacket and soak in a bathtub once again. Then her underwear is transparent as she is ashamed if discovered by somebody. Finally, she goes to the shower room and take a shower from head to foot and will finish the first clothing bathing. She could relieve stress of the everyday job hunting, being invited to the world of the fetishism called "the clothing bathing" at the same time...

■First comfortable bath time with suit (DW24-1)
video clip・・・30 min.(2600 YEN) order page


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