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The continuation of severe training for interview


This scene starts training for interview at the bathroom in the afternoon. Eriko is now wearing recruitment suit that she wore until just a while ago, getting wet to the skin! Scissors are put in front of her. A interviewer ordered her to cut her skirt, jacket and blouse...! In the end she takes bath with her recruitment suit cut with scissors.


She experienced severe training for interview this time, getting confidence to overcome any severe interview. She left the bathroom with the expression that was full of confidence.

■The continuation of severe training for interview
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Severe training for interview


Eriko is a college girl who dreams of becoming a nursery school teacher desides to take part in a training for interview of a training school for teachers. Now she wears new black recruitment suit that she purchaseed for today.

Training for interview starts when she enters a bathroom! It's funny to train in the bathroom, but it's natural to think about being done here from now.


During training for interview, she must not be surprised and answer for some questions even if anything happens to her! When she answers, cream and mud are dumped! Her suit gets messy with cream and gradually.

After being messed, she was thrown hot water in the bathtub over her body for several times! But her suit is still dirty, so she takes a shower, taking a bath to wash her suit, not knowing the fate.....

■Severe training for interview (DM16-1)
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WET GIRLS 08 chapter3


This is 8th collaborative work( chapter 3 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

An elder sister wearing recruitment suit meets her younger sister wearing high school uniform accidentally in the locker room of a sports gym! The elder sister is now doing job-huntting.

On the other hand, the younger sister is going to receive the examination for university in the near future, studying hard every day! As they feel stress very much, so they want to go to the sports gym and swim there for a change! But today they want to do something unusual. They make up their mind to swim with clothes that they wear now...!

This is chapter 3 of the story. They get out of the pool and get into a large swimming bath!

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