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The way of celebration for baseball team assistant girl


Eriko is one of a baseball team assistants, she takes care of the baseball team of a university.


Today she is to be celebrated by a certain unique way! She is now standing beside a fallow rice field, wearing black recruitment suit that she wore during job-hunting!

The way of celebration for her is that she does what is said from members. She is to be covered with mud in the end.

■The way of celebration for baseball team assistant girl (DM15-2)
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Tired from job hunting


Today I started to release new work 'Being tired from job hunting (WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!

A college girl starts to do job-hunting for the apparel industry, but she is very busy with classes or the circle activity of the university, too. One day, when she comes home, thinking of taking a bath with her recruitment suit that she wore in an interview until a while ago! Although girls doing job hunting ordinarily wear black or charcoal gray recruitment suit, she is wearing light gray suit now, that is a rare thing!


At first, she goes to bathroom with her suit and pumps on, adjusting the temperature of the shower. She takes a shower from a lower part of the body step by step. As her suit are made from wool, it sucks water in a moment, changing from light gray to black, and the parts that are reflected in the light of the room are shining! Unlike black suit or charcoal gray suit, a wet points are outstanding clearly!

After taking a shower for some time, she enters bathtub, filling it with hot water! Then her body gradually soaks in the bathtub! And she splashes water to herself, taking a shower in the bathtub, and so on. While she does what she can't usually do, her feeling cleared and her stress is relieved!

■Tired from job hunting (DW23-1)

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WET GIRLS 08 chapter2


This is 8th collaborative work( chapter 2 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

An elder sister wearing recruitment suit meets her younger sister wearing high school uniform accidentally in the locker room of a sports gym! The elder sister is now doing job-huntting.

On the other hand, the younger sister is going to receive the examination for university in the near future, studying hard every day! As they feel stress very much, so they want to go to the sports gym and swim there for a change! But today they want to do something unusual. They make up their mind to swim with clothes that they wear now...! This is chapter 2 of the story.

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