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At a fetish party


A college girl doing job-hunting takes part in a fetish party. At first she thinks it's a normal delightful party. But is is a fetish party, messy(covering cream) party! When she knows the fact, she is surprised! Now she comes a party place on the way from interviews for job-hunting today. So she is now wearing fresh charcoal-gray recruitment suit!

She hesitates to take part in this party, but this kind of experience isn't really something she can have.So she makes up her mind to do that! She participates only a little, because it's not good for her suit to be stained with cream. After 'CREAM FIGHT'she washes her suit with cream by taking a shower, taking a bath, taking off her jacket.

A lot of wet scenes occupy this product more than messy scenes.

■At a fetish party(DM14-1)

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