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In return for refusal of an unofficial job offer


A college girl, Eriko has gotten an unofficial offer for employment from two comnanies, so she must decline either offer. She was called by a person in charge of personnel affairs. Now she is 'that place'! Here is a fallow rice field where she got muddy once.(when she was doing job-hunting) 


She must pluck up weeds in a fallow rice field instead of declination of unofficial job offer. She gets into the fallow rice field with her black recruitment suit on!(typical suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan)


At first she is very careful that her suit doesn't become dirty. But when she notices that there are splashes of mud on her tight skirt, she doesn't mind to sitting on the muddy water, plucking up weeds! In the end, moreover she gets muddy and daubs her skirt and jacket with mud!

■In return for refusal of an unofficial job offer (DM13-2)

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