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WET GIRLS 06 chapter1


This is 6th collaborative work( chapter 1 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

The stoy starts when a school girl and a school teacher accidentally meet locker room. The student decided to join a swimming club activity with an easy image that she swims during summer and takes time off in other seasons. The student receives educational instruction by passionate new teacher. This is chapter 1 of the story.

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Sudden shower during an interview


Today I started to release new work 'Sudden shower during an interview(WETLOOK series)' that I made last summer in an outdoor pool and shower room. For specific information, please refer to the following!

A college girl doing job-hunting for a construction company of outdoor pool takes part in first interview. She is now wearing black suit with 2 buttons and white blouse with gathers.


She waits for an interview to begin with a tense expression, it raining hard! It is as if it were a squall. Of course, she gets wet to the skin in the twinkling of an eye! Then she enters the pool boldly with her suit and pumps on, beginning to swim on her front and back, floating by facing upward.


When she plays for a while, her interviewer arrives and watches her swimming in the pool! The interviewer was impressed with her boldness and made her pass in a primary interview. Then she moves to a shower room and takes shower to warm the body.In the end she takes her jacket off and takes shower again to her heart's content.

■Sudden shower during an interview (DW22-1)

video clip・・・28 min.(2600 YEN) order page


Cheers to a great 2019!

Much peace, love and joy to you all in 2019. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year!

Last year I made many video clip, I will make and publish new works this year, too! I have some ambitious schedules outdoors around this summer.

Within a week or so, I will release first work(wetlool) in this year! Thank you!