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In Thailand of perpetual summer(bathroom version)


I started to release new work 'In Thailand of perpetual summer [bathroom version] (WETLOOK series)'.This is last video clip of the series.

After having finished recording video in a pool and a beach, we moved to a bathroom in a hotel. I said to her "this scene is last"! Although she was exhausted from shooting outdoors, she challenged bathing with clothes on with all her strength



At first, this scene starts from her sitting down on a chair. She is reading a book, her slender legs are very sexy, moving to a bathtub, firstly taking a shower from bottom to up, in short, from her skirt to jacket.

When she takes a shower for a while, hot water run down from her bady collected to the bathtub. So she eventually experiences "bathing with clothes on" for the first time! You can know about her impression from expression on her face.(hahaha) 


In the end, she takes off her jacket! Moreover she takes off her blouse and skirt, too in the bathtub! You would probably receive a culture shock about her way to wear pantyhose!

■In Thailand of perpetual summer(bathroom version) (DW20-3)
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