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For training of swimming with clothes on


Today I started to release new work 'For swimming with clothes on(WETLOOK series)'. For specific information, please refer to the following!

This work is based on a story that an experienced teacher gives instructions for younger people who are to become school teacher in the near future.


She is wearing black suit that she often wears on the way to work or in her class. At first, she takes shower with suit little by little in the poolside, sitting on the edge of the pool and splashes water herself.She enters the pool after she is used to water.

Next she swims the breast stroke and the crawl with suit on. And she moves to shallows of the pool, stretching various poses in the water or stands up, checking the sense of body with soaked blouse, skirt and so on.


After having confirmed outline of the instruction, she takes a bath beside the pool and take her ease. When she floats her body in the large bathtub (Of course,with her suit on!), she becomes sleepy comfortably!

■For training of swimming with clothes on (DW21-1)
video clip・・・25 min.(2400 YEN)➡ order page


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