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Wetlook in an indoor pool and a bathroom

I published new Wetlook work 'Wetlook Collection(DW8 series)' today. 

In this work, a cute Japanese college girl with recruitment suit gets into a pool and splashes herself, playing volleyball, playing with an air bladder like a child innocently, standing under the artificial waterfall, pouring water over a head.
In bathroom scene, she wears light gray suit, taking a shower from the hem of the skirt to part of the waist, soaking in the tub.

11_21,She wears navy blue recruitment suit. In fact it's her own suit using for job-hunting and she came to the place where this movie(video) was shot with the suit! So the suit becomes her, doesn't it? In this scene, she has new experiences of wetting with her suit in the pool.
At first she hesitates about getting her suit to wet. But gradually she gets used to water, making up her mind to get into the pool. Of course her suit gets wet to the skin and wet suit cling to her body in the end.


2,She wears black recruitment suit. She surely gets used to water of the pool, so takes a plunge into the pool suddenly, drenching to the skin! She plays with an air bladder like a child innocently.
After that she and I play volleyball in the pool, she often makes a dive to a ball which seemed to fall in front of her.
In the end of this scene, she stands under the artificial waterfall, poured water over a head.


3,She wears light gray suit. In this scene she gets wet in the pool and the bath. As the color of that suit is light gray, when her suit gets wet, turning light gray to dark gray, it becomes outstanding!
At first she takes a shower from the hem of the skirt to part of the waist, soaking in the tub.
After that she goes into the pool and splashes herself or takes the water of a pail.

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New wetlook sample movie(video)

Last month I announced about new wetlook work at previous article.(I took a video or photograph in an indoor pool and bathroom.)

A cute Japanese college girl with her recruitment suit (typical suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan) gets into a pool and plays volleyball, splashing herself, taking water from her head. Of course there is bathroom scene, she wears outfit for office(light gray suit), taking shower or bath.

Today I uproaded this new sample movie(video)  on my YouTube channel.

If you are interested in it, you can purchase and downroad movie(video) and photo set for each scene on the 10th or 11th of February.