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Wetlook in an indoor pool


In Japan, it's in the coldest part of the year now! Therefore, I cannot but take a video or photograph in an indoor pool if I want to do a wetlook work.


At the beginning of January, A young Japanese college girl and I went to an institution with an indoor pool far away from Tokyo, where we could take a video or photograph to our satisfactory.


Today I publish some photographs here. If you want to watch some more photographs, you can do more in my website(Office lady Special) below although it's Japanese page....

In the near future(early Februaly), I will uproad sample movie(video) on my YouTube channel. Please look forward to opening!


Suit messed with muddy ball


I annouce about "New Messy(muddy) work". In this work, a Japanese college girl wears black suit and wipe some muddy ball with her suit. She makes endless wiping muddy balls, in the end, her skirt and jacket are messed with mud! It's surreal work.

This new work is sold at downroad store. There are movie(23 min.) and photo set(53 images). The two pieces make a set!

This work was based on the fictitious story below....


Eriko belongs to the first class in college and enters a baseball club as a manager. Usually she wears a jersey when she does club activities. But now she wears suit in order to take part in official ceremony of college for fresh person.

Mud3_2After the ceremony, she intends to go home once, because she has to change her suit to jersey for club activity. But owing to a drawn-out ceremony, she cannot but participate with suit!

Today's activity for new faces is wiping muddy ball with towel, that is in mind of rainy day. If a ball messed with mud in the ground, managers have to wipe muddy balls. Of course if they don't have towel, they must wipe muddy ball with their clothes! Now she wears suit...but she obliges to wipe muddy ball with her suit cleaned several days before!      

■Downroad store ( Office Lady Special )