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'Bathing on the beach' Downroad

In October, I published wetlook work 'Bathing on the beach' taken on an artificial beach in Tokyo surrounded with office buildings, manufacturing plants and huge park. From today the movies (clips) of the works are on sale!

This title (DVD is sold only in Japan) is made up of 4 scenes, there are 3 recruitment suit scenes and 1 outfit for office scene. (Recruitment suit is Japanese-English, being typical suit for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan, it is looks like ordinary business suit, being usually a monotone and a quiet colour, for example; black, gray, navy blue.)


At first she wears black recruitment suit with her pumps and pantyhose on and goes into the sea, her skirt beginning to get wet. When she goes into the deep place, she is  soaked to the skin even to the jacket(to near the chest). She enjoys bathing until she is satisfied.


Next scene, she wears navy blue recruitment suit, kept neat and tidy. She looks as if she were a flight attendant or an efficient secretary. Of course she put on her pumps and pantyhose! She bathes on the beach, her suit getting wet in the end!


In the last of recruitment suit scene, she wears light gray recruitment suit, getting wet. The color of the suit is light, so when it gets wet, the part of the suit is outstanding! Gradually it becomes blackish. She plays and bathes on the beach to her heart's content.


At final scene she wears an outfit for office (typical Japanese women's uniform for office), bathing and her white blouse being damp and clunging to her body, it is very sexy! After that she runs in the shore or enjoys shell gathering with her outfit wetted through!

Downroad store (Office Lady Special Movie)

Downroad store (Photo)