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Summer has already come!

1At the end of June, there were many hot days(over 30 degrees) and heavy rainy days, now in Japan, the temperature is over 35 degrees except north Japan.

When a subtropical low pressure zone in the South Pacific develops, and start to hit Japan, it is called Typhoon as you know. After Tuyu(the rainy season), every year from summer into autumn, Typhoon cause the Japan Islands great storm and flood damage.Therefore many people often get wet with their clothes on, and we are able to happen to watch school girls or office ladies(it's Japanese -English, the meaning is women working at office). They wear a uniform habitually in Japan.

2In summer, "Matsuri"(Japanese traditonal festivals) are invariably held in any region in Japan where there is a shrine.

While, out of traditional festivals in which the regional people all participate to realize a separate space from daily life, mass events for commemoration and celebration, which resemble the form of the traditional festivals, are also called "Matsuri." At the "Matsuri", people may splash water each other!

3At the "matsuri", many Japanese women in particular youngs wear Yukata, which are cotton kimono(Kimono are generally worn for such occasions as special ceremonies and parties) without lining, which are worn after taking a bath and in the summertime.

Yukata are ordinary, unassuming clothing. They can be worn next to the skin, and it is usual to wear wooden clogs without Japanese socks when wearing kimono. Yukata are comfortable to wear, especially on summer evenings after taking a bath; they are refreshing and cool even to look at.

Lots of people in yukata are seen at not only summer festivals, but also fireworks displays and so on. Yukata on such occasions constitute a poetic summer scene!