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Photo album (WET1)

This album was closed on the 29th of September.

This photo album contains only wetlook,I took these photos in 2003. A Japanese girl wears navy blue recruitement suits (typical suits for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan), taking a shower and bathing. I will publish about 30 photos in this album gradually.

In order to watch this album, you should get password by solving 5 quizes about Japan below.

Your answer for each quize can be password. For example, if the answers from Q1 to Q5 are straight 2, password is 22222, and if the answer of Q1 is 2, Q2 and Q3 are 5, Q4 and Q5 are 3, password is 25533.

[ Photo Album WET1 ]  This album was closed on the 29th of September.

Q1 What is a sport in which two people fight using their arms, legs, hands and feet, trying to throw each other to the ground? This sport has its origin in Japan.

Q2 What is a type of Japanese food consisting of squares or balls of cold boiled rice, with small pieces of other food, especially raw fish on top?

Q3 What is the 2nd largest city in Japan? This is port city on southern Honshu.(Honshu is the largest island of the Japanese Archipelago.)
> I  indicate a clue  for you on officeladyspecial YouTube channel, my favorite movie list.

Q4 Which one of the following sentences correct?
If sentences from no,1 to no,4 are incorrect, choose 5.

1,Almost all of the castles in Japan have two castle towers.
2,Mt.Fuji became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.
3,Traditional nihon-kaoku (Japanese houses) basically are made of paper and concrete.
4,Japanese alcoholic beverage brewed with rice and water since ancient times is Shochu.
5,All Incorrect.

Q5 Which one of the following sentences correct?
If sentences from no,1 to no,4 are incorrect, choose 5.

1,Japan's population is larger than that of China.
2,Mt.Fuji is over 45000 feet.
3,Kyoto was the metropolis in Japan about 100 years ago.
4,Winter Olympic Game was held in Japan twice in the past.
5,All Incorrect.


Japanese custom of clothing

Japanese usually change to a different set of clothing at the turn of the seasons, that is to say, 1st of June, Today. Almost all of the students(junior high school and high school) and office workers get out their summer uniforms and put away winter uniforms. But young college girls do job-serching with her suit(usually tight skirt suit)even in summer, it's Japanese custom.

In Japan, June is beginning of the rainy season and a typhoon may strike. Therefore many Japanese girls and women may get wet by rain in this season, yes there are chances that we are able to watch real WETLOOK.

I do hope that I happen to see ‘WETLOOK’ scene this summer!