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Publishing Wetlook photos!

1aToday I published a new work of Wetlook collections on my website, 'Office Lady Special' , although it is only Japanese page,  you can enjoy some wetlook photos! On this new wetlook work featuring beautiful Japanese woman, you are able to watch her drenching in an indoor pool and bathroom.

First, she wears black recruitment suits (typical suits for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan) with panty hose and pumps put on, trying to take a ride rubber dinghy floating on the pool, it is shaped like an airplane. But she fails to take and suddenly falls into the pool, getiing wet to the skin. Once falling into the pool, she doesn't hesitate to get wet more, trying to climb back and does fall several times. In the end, she splashes herself with water.

2aIn other scenes, she takes a swim in the pool with a complete business-outfit, her appearance with long pleats skirt is very elegant and nostalgic. She poures some buckets of water on the head. Then she gets into the pool and takes her jacket off, splashing herself.

In the bathroom scene, she poured hot water from a head by a shower with her dark gray recruitment suits, after that she moves to indoor pool and playing.

You can watch some wetlook photos in the URL below.


Photos within a few days

1aLast week, I announced about a new work(Wetlook collection). In this weekend, I am going to open sample photos and detailed description of that in my 'Office lady Special' website and Japanese blog site, as it is expressed in Japanese.

Even if you can't read or make out those Japanese pages, you are to enjoy sample photos and movie, though sample movie will be published at the end of this month after opening photos ! I will publish movie on my YouTube channel, too.

This weekend, you will be able to watch some photos in the URL below. Of course, this URL isn't available now(Thursday 0 a.m. JST.) as I haven't uproad needed files yet.

What will happen to her? (upper right photograph)
Please look forward to publishing photos and movie! Thank you!


New Wetlook Work

It becomes warm in Japan, yesterday the temperature is around 25 degrees C. in Tokyo, it's as though it were Summer! (Though it is still spring in Japan.)

Today I will inform you about a new work that I did the shoot this month. In the new work, a beautiful Japanese woman wears suits, office uniforms or nostalgic long pleats skirt with panty hose and pumps put on, playing with water in an indoor pool, splashes herself with water, finally, she gets soaked to the skin.

From next week, I will introduce about details of the new work and publish some sample photos in this blog or my website(Office Lady Special).

But in my 3D photo gallery(URL is below), I published some photos although you need 3D glasses for anaglyph method. Sometimes I am going to add 3D photos without any annoucement.


Blog Open (English version)

Wet Today, I have opened OFFICE LADY SPECIAL's blog(English version)! OFFICE LADY SPECIAL is website which is established in 2002.
 We express mainly works about Wetlook, Messylook and Ripping fetish scenes with a recruitment suits (typical suits for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan) and office uniforms. 

Messy If you are interested in the fetish scenes above, you can watch a great deal of sample photos and movies of Japanese women for free on my gallery in OFFICE LADY SPECIAL's website, although it's expressed in Japanese .
 Of course you can watch sample movies on my YouTube channel, where their explanation is expressed mainly in English.

 As you are able to guess, OFFICE LADY SPECIAL features cute Japanese models getting wet, messed or ripped with suits or uniforms! Our models's age is mostly about twenty, some models are college students, the others are office workers.

Rip In this blog, I will update 2 or 3 times a month and inform you of new works, recommended works, or popular works which have already published!

 You can purchase and downroad OFFICE LADY SPECIAL's works at these sites below, a part of movies at 'Kino Works' , almost all of the photos at 'Gcolle'. They are Japanese downroad sites, but English pages are prepared for you.