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Publishing Wetlook photos!

1aToday I published a new work of Wetlook collections on my website, 'Office Lady Special' , although it is only Japanese page,  you can enjoy some wetlook photos! On this new wetlook work featuring beautiful Japanese woman, you are able to watch her drenching in an indoor pool and bathroom.

First, she wears black recruitment suits (typical suits for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan) with panty hose and pumps put on, trying to take a ride rubber dinghy floating on the pool, it is shaped like an airplane. But she fails to take and suddenly falls into the pool, getiing wet to the skin. Once falling into the pool, she doesn't hesitate to get wet more, trying to climb back and does fall several times. In the end, she splashes herself with water.

2aIn other scenes, she takes a swim in the pool with a complete business-outfit, her appearance with long pleats skirt is very elegant and nostalgic. She poures some buckets of water on the head. Then she gets into the pool and takes her jacket off, splashing herself.

In the bathroom scene, she poured hot water from a head by a shower with her dark gray recruitment suits, after that she moves to indoor pool and playing.

You can watch some wetlook photos in the URL below.


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