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New wetlook works to release!

Dw7e_1_2I published new Wetlook work 'Bathing on the beach' today. This work was taken on an artificial beach in Tokyo surrounded with office buildings, manufacturing plants and huge park. That day was beginning of July, being so hot as you could fry an egg! Japanese summer is hot and muggy, the temperature is near or over 40 degrees! So many Japanese usually have trouble with fatigue from the summer heat every summer, so do I...


Due to this situation, many Japanese go to the seaside or outdoor pool nearly every summer. That day, a cute Japanese girl and I went to the beach not for swimming or usual bathing but for taking photograph or movie! 

When we arrived at the destination, I got her to change her white dress into the recruitment suit that I prepared for that day. Recruitment suit is Japanese-English, being typical suit for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan, it is looks like ordinary business suit, being usually a monotone and a quiet colour, for example; black, gray, navy blue. I prepared 3 recruitment suit and one outfit for  office for her.


At first she wears black recruitment suit with her pumps and pantyhose on and goes into the sea, her skirt beginning to get wet. When she goes into the deep place, she is  soaked to the skin even to the jacket(to near the chest). She enjoys bathing until she is satisfied. After that scene, I get her to change into other recruitment suit of navy blue or light gray and I have her the same thing done. On last scene, she wears an outfit for office (typical Japanese women's uniform for office),bathing and her white blouse being damp, it is very sexy!


This work is sold by DVD or digital photograph collections. You can purchase digital photograph collections by downroad at the store 'Gcolle'.

This DVD is sold only in Japan due to being probably NOT be viewable in other countries, as this DVD's format is region 2. DVD of region 2 covers Japan, Europe,The Middle and Near East, South Africa and Egypt. But around this December, The movies (clips) of the same contents as DVD will be sold at downroad store ' XCREAM '.

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