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Bathing on the beach

Dw7aeToday I announce releasing new Wetlook work of 'Office Lady Special' label in the near future. The work was made on a beach at Tokyo in this summer. As you know, Tokyo was selected as host of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, so now the city is more throbbing with activity!

This work contains 4 scenes. A Japanese young girl wears Recruitment suit on 3 scenes (black, navy blue and light gray) and outfit for office(typical Japanese women's uniform for office) on last scene.

Dw7beThe place the work was made is artificial beach, nearly center of Tokyo, surrounded with office buildings, manufacturing plants and huge park. That day was very hot, temperature and water temperature were high! So it was good for bathing or swimming. But that day was weekday, there were few sea bathers around us, thanks to the situation we relaxed and enjoyed bathing and making wetlook movie on the beach!

On the work she soaked in seawater to a chest and got wet to the skin for every scene!
 I will send the state by photographs and movie in the near future. Please look forward to publishing!


Omizuasobi Vol,5 DL

11_4Today I published new wetlook movies, Omizuasobi5(Playing with water5) which were made in this summer on downroad store.

22_3These works were taken in a river surrounded with rich nature of Tokyo's suburbs. A Japanese cute model wears recruitment suit ( It is typical suit for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan, it is looks like ordinary business suit, being usually a monotone and a quiet colour, for example; black, gray, navy blue.) or outfit for office with pantyhose and pumps put on. She enters the river and plays with water, splashing water to herself and so on...gradually her suit or outfit for office are getting wet to the skin!

If you can know more detail explanation about each movie, please go over past articles opend on this website.

Downroad store (Omizuasobi Movie)
Downroad store (Photo)