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Making a mudball


A college girl dreams of working as a nursery school teacher, taking part in a practical skill interview of a certain kindergarten. At the interview, she was assigned a task to make a mudball. Making a mudball is one of the important play with kindergarteners! So a nursery school teachers should learn to make a mudball to teach it to kindergarteners.

On the practical skill interview, it is common to wear jersey and so on, because the clothes become dirty with mud! Some applicants forget to bring jersey for spare clothes, so Eriko is now! She is wearing black recruitment suit after cleaning, making a mudball. Of course, her skirt gets dirty with mud step by step! Though she did her best, she was not able to pass the interview, being to covered with mud as if she played with mud with kindergarteners. As she couldn't pass the interview, she appeals to interviewer for recovery.

■Making a mudball (DM14-2)

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