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Private lesson for job-hunting 1

Dw19a1_3 I started to release new work 'Private lesson for job-hunting 1 (WETLOOK series)'.This is first video clip of the series.

The conditions surrounding college girls doing job-hunting in Japan remain severe. So some college girls go to school for job-huntting. This new work is inspired by them. It has a storyline!

Dw19a2_2A college girl goes to school for job-huntting for the first time today! At first, she is to watch DVD with a principal of the school. DVD contains essence to get job. But he lost DVD, she walks about in search of it, going to poolside. She finds that the DVD sinks for some reason in the pool!


Of course, she gets into the pool with her suit on and picks it up! He lets her play in the pool as a reward. She plays in the pool with her suit and bag on!

■Private lesson for job-hunting 1 (DW19-1)
video clip・・・16 min.(2000 YEN)➡ order page


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