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Mud beauty treatment of the whole body


A college girl is to take mud beauty treatment of the whole body. But she is shy about taking off clothes... What'll happen to her? As she hesitates to take off her suit for job-interview, she has to take mud beauty treatment with her suit!


At first she opens the bag of the commercially available clay pack, putting powder of the inside into a pail. After that she mixes it with hot water and dissolves it. When she makes mud for beauty treatment, smearing not only her face or legs but also her skirt, jcket and blouse with mud.


In the end she takes a shower and removes mud on suit, otherwise she isn't able to go home. After taking a shower, she takes a bath fully clothed to get relaxing effect!

■'Mud beauty treatment of the whole body'(DM10-1)
①video clip・・・26 min.(2600 YEN)➡ order page
②photo sets・・・158 images(1000 YEN)➡ order page


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