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Memories of summer Vol,2


As last month I released "Memories of summer Vol,1", I am going to release "Memories of summer Vol,2" at the end of this month. This title contains 2 wetlook scenes.

In first scene, a Japanese college girl wears charcoal-gray wool recruitment suit. The suit seemed to be considerably worn by her. There were few water-repellent effects of the suit, so the suit soaked with seawater immediately. You'll be able to watch the suit that were wet.


In second scene, she wears new black recruitment suit. This type of suit is the most popular one for Japanese girls who do job-hunting. She played with a frisbee, lying down by the shore, getting wet to the skin! As she wears new suit, firstly there were water-repellent effects of the suit. As if she was caught in the rain, her suit had a lot of drops of water. Of course she eventually got wet through from head to foot!

I will show the details or the sample photograph of each scene sequentially over the middle of this month. Please check this blog when you have time.


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