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Memories of summer Vol,1


I'll announce a new work photographed with a video camera in this late summer. There are totally 4 scenes. This work is titled as "Memories of summer" being second work of the 10th anniversary of video creation, dividing it into the first part and the latter part. At first I'll releases first part, containing 2 scenes, a model wears outfit for office and navy blue recruitment suit.

The same model appeared in previous work "Muddy enlistment examination" is in this work. She is very cute and understand what fetishism is!


This late summer (though it's September in Japan), she and I went to a beach near Tokyo. As that day was weekday and a big typhoon was approaching, there were just a few people here and there on the beach. The wind and waves were strong, but I was able to take a good photograph.


In this new work "Memories of summer Vol,1", the model wears outfit for office ; a light gray tight skirt, a vest, and a light blue blouse with long sleeves in first scene. In second scene she wears navy blue recruitment suit.

In first scene, she plays on the beach, her clothes gradually soaked, and wet pieces of cloth of the skirt or vest changed light gray into dark gray. Of course her blouse got wet through.


In second scene, she scatterred seawater with a simple pump overhead and took the seawater by herself. Besides she lied on her face on a beach, doing her best to the limit as long as she could endure lapping waves.

I'll explane details of each scene and publish some more sample photos in the near future. Next time I'll update an article about first scene. She wears outfit for office.


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