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Muddy enlistment examination!

In the near future I'll publish new 'outdoor muddy series; the 3rd' for the first time in three years.


I did video photography and photographing at a survival game ground in the suburbs of Tokyo. That day it rained and stopped a lot. So the survival game ground was muddy. It was convenient for us to make muddy works; this video photographying.


The contents of new work is setting that a college girl student who is going to graduate faces the enlistment examination to a certain organization. The participant of the enlistment examination is obliged to wear recruitment suit, participating in the  examination on understanding it.


The examination is carried out for three days! She clears various obstacles or my order( for example; do creeping flat on the muddy ground) with a recruitment suit, her suit becoming muddy gradually.

I'll show detail information and sample photo or video clip this month, selling video clips and collection of photographs at "XCREAM" in which my downroad shop is contained.


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