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Final day of the enlistment examination

Finally today is the last day of the enlistment examination. She has been getting used to environment by past 2-day examination, carelessly forgetting to wear pantyhose, furthermore without pinning the button of the jacket of the suit!


I begin instruction strictly, inducing her  towards a puddle of the muddy water on purpose, having her sit on the ground grasping her knees. After that we move to another place; more muddy spot. I order her to repeat a salute and action to sit down on the muddy ground. Therefore her tight skirt becomes muddy in an instant!


Then she reviews the past examination, in particular, the action that assumed street fighting. Of course she does creeping flat on the muddy ground or moves while maintaining low posture. She has been able to do these quite well for 2-day examination.

Today she wasn't covered with mud as the past 2 days, so I didn't let her so. I made her repeat a salute and action to sit down on the muddy ground. If her hands became dirty with mud, I ordered her to wipe off mud of the hands with her skirt or jacket.


Although she could get over 3-day examination safely, she has spoiled her 3 sets of recruitment suit! Some skirts of slit part bursted, the button of a jacket almost came off. These things express how difficult this examination, in other word, this video photography was!

I'll show sample video clip on my YouTube channnel in 2 or 3 days, and I'll sell video clips and collection of photographs at "XCREAM".


Muddy in the rain!

Dm8b0_2It rained harder than the first day of an enlistment examination. There are some places with deep mud or muddy water on the ground caused by rain.

The content of the 2nd day's examination is assumed street fighting. She marches into the enemy land, searching for an object. When she finds it, she returns to the original place.


In this scene, she wears navy blue recruitment suit with 3 buttons on the jacket, fresh white blouse, pantyhose and underwear. At first, abruptly she does creeping flat on the muddy ground. In the blink of an eye, her suit becomes muddy! She glances suit with mud, but she can't mind her suit becoming muddy to pass the enlistment examination.


She arrives in front of a building, entering the building, searching for the object while hiding herself. She covered her suit with mud to change its color into brown like the mud, creeping flat on the muddy ground not to be found by enemies between buildings. Under this condition, that is a secure manner.


At last she certainly found the object and came back to the original place, but the price she paid was too high! Because she spoiled her suit, blouse, pantyhose and so on.

In the end she was covered with mud more. After that I interviewed her, her comments arousing our heart!

On the final day of enlistment examination, she wears black recruitment suit with 1 bouton. She mainly does review everything she has done so far, but she thoroughly practices the basics such as salutes on muddy water.


First day of an enlistment examination

In a gentle rain, a college girl with her black recruitment suit appears at a survival game ground in the suburbs of Tokyo.


Firstly she receives explanation about the details of an enlistment examination. During that she is sitting on the ground grasping her knees. (as in a gym class) She hesitates to do that at first, so I made her sit on the muddy ground. After I confirmed that her hesitation for becoming dirty had disappeared, I started an examination!


She hides herself in the place where grass grows thick and soil is piled up highly, going toward a building nearby. Then she does creeping flat on the muddy ground. I ordered her to do that several times. As it rained and stopped, the ground gradually softenen, turned into muddy ground!


Front and back of her recruitment suit became dirty with mud. After examination, clean suit and white blouse were muddy! She goes to puddle, trying to wash off her suit. but her suit doesn't become clean at all.


On 2nd day of enlistment examination, she wears navy blue recruitment suit. There are puddles and muddy spot everywhere, that condition is harder than that of frist day.


Muddy enlistment examination!

In the near future I'll publish new 'outdoor muddy series; the 3rd' for the first time in three years.


I did video photography and photographing at a survival game ground in the suburbs of Tokyo. That day it rained and stopped a lot. So the survival game ground was muddy. It was convenient for us to make muddy works; this video photographying.


The contents of new work is setting that a college girl student who is going to graduate faces the enlistment examination to a certain organization. The participant of the enlistment examination is obliged to wear recruitment suit, participating in the  examination on understanding it.


The examination is carried out for three days! She clears various obstacles or my order( for example; do creeping flat on the muddy ground) with a recruitment suit, her suit becoming muddy gradually.

I'll show detail information and sample photo or video clip this month, selling video clips and collection of photographs at "XCREAM" in which my downroad shop is contained.