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Getting wet on roof of building 2


The other day, I explained about first scene of 'Wet version on previous article (Getting wet on roof of building 1). Today I explain about second scene( clip or video ) of 'Wet version'.

A model with black recruitment suit plays with 'Rubber Ball Scooping' in simple pool. There are small rubber balls and big ones. If she scoop a small ball she can get 1 point, and a big ball she can get 2 points. In addition, three small water balloons are in the pool, too. It's big point, 10 points!


She would get a prize if she acquires 30 points. If she can't come by 30 points, she has to receive punishment game (Soaking in the pool)! I guess that she fails to get ball immediately. But she continues scooping balls well contrary to my thought.

At first she challenges 'Rubber Ball Scooping' from the poolside. But next time she comes in pool, struggling with scooping balls. As she can't scoop balls if she hesitates to move to her knees, her suit gets wet step by step.


Nevertheless her suit isn't completely wet, so I contrive it so that she receives a punishment game, her suit getting wet to the skin in the end.

Though the punishment game of scene 1 was taking a shower, but this time she must soak in  the pool! She lies down and splashes herself in the pool.

The appearnace that water drips from the hem of the tight skirt and the jacket is very sensuous.

Next week I will sell video(Getting wet on roof of building 1 and 2) by downroad at XCREAM.


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