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New Wetlook Photo sets

Last week, I published new wetlook movie on my YouTube channle or my website. Today, I began to sell new wetlook photo sets about that movie on downroad site.

Dw6gr-enShe wears light gray suit( in other words outfit for office).
As the color of that suit is light, when her tight skirt gets wet, it is outstanding! That is to say, it becomes light gray to dark gray gradually.
At  first she achieves them perfectly without failing. But as she tries several times, owing to tedium and gaining more experience, she becomes less careful, falling into the water!

Dw6br-enShe wears black recruitment suit (typical suit for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan) kept neat and tidy, looks so sexy. She walks across some lafts on the water, with wearing pumps. Next stage, she gets on the circle tub, trying to move to the opposite side of the big artificial pond. On the way, the circle tub is starting to sink for some reason. So she falls into the water and drenches to the skin, her skirt is dripping with that....


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