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About new work and the way of selling!

Today I announce about outline of the latest work and the way of selling! 

New work is made up of three scenes, a Japanese beautiful woman; Osugi Sumire appears! She is expected to be more popular in the near future, wearing recruitment suit that is typical suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan. In the new work, she wears three type of suit( The color of suit is charcoal-gray, black and navy-blue ), swimming in the pool!

She acts a college girl who belongs to the swimming club, taking part in a swimming club training camp lasting for three days. There are underwater scene, swimming scene, or bathing scene with suit! In black suit and navy-blue suit scene, she takes off her jacket, so you can see her brassiere through her blouse!

From the second half of this month, I will sell one new video clip(1 scene) at a time by downroad system on XCREAM. I will open the detail of each scene, the sample video clip, and some photos with beginning of selling on this blog.


Swimming with outfit!


The other day, I carried out photography for the first time this year!

I did that with a beautiful Japanese model and a comrade, who will establish his own fetish website in this year! In a 25-meter pool, we shared a wonderful time! I mainly made swimming scene or bathing scene with suit!

From next week on, I am going to explain details of new works! Thank you!


After a long absence!

I will make new works next month after a long absence!


I had thought that I would do this year's first photograph in beginning of summer, but I decided suddenly that plan. A model applied at the end of last year via a my homepage, I found a kindred spirit in her and came to that!

Now in Japan, it is still cold, so we are going to make video clips or take photos indoors. I will be able to announce about new works by April. Look forward to new ones!