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3 video clips at the end of the year!

Today I release 3 video clip by download.These video clip are among DVD that has been sold in Japan since 2006. There are Wetlook work or Ripping(trashing) works.

Playing in fountain with black suit [WET] (DW4-grw) 
video clip : about 10min. 
photographs : 61 images


A cute college girl is wearing a gray suit for job-hunting at an athletic fields in Tokyo. It was such a hot day that we got all sweat on location. First, I let her challenge a variety of athletic facilities! Although this kind of exercise should be done with a jersey and short pants, she did it with a gray suit for job-hunting. On her way to the goal, she ran into the facility with water hazard. She tackled all facilities not only with her suit and pumps on but with holding her bag. At the beginning, she cleared facilities skillfully not to fall down in an artificial pool. But, she turned into the condition that you really expect after several trials! 

Navy blue Office uniform 2 [RIP] (DA6-olr2) 
video clip : about 11min. 
photographs : 50 images


A Japanese model is wearing an outfit for office ; a typical office uniform in Japan. That uniform is dark-navy tight skirt with light stripes and vest. After getting out of the bathtub with her outfit soaked, she splits her vest, blouse, and skirt one after another by herself! 

Navy blue Office uniform [RIP] (DA5-olr) 
video clip : about 7min. 
photographs : 43 images


A Japanese model wears a typical navy blue office uniform. That uniform is consisted of tight skirt, vest, jacket with light stripes. After getting dirty with yoghurt, she rips her jacket, tight skirt, vest, and blouse with scissors step by step. In the end she tears up skirt or blouse thoroughly, you can watch her sexy figure with her ripped uniform!

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