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The coming of age ceremony

The Coming-of-Age Day is national holiday in Japan, falling on the second Monday of January. It will fall on the 11th of this month. The “new adults” go back to their hometown to attend the ceremony, so it is a good opportunity for them to catch up with old friends.


In Japan, when a person reaches 20 years of age, they are considered to be an adult under Japanese law. Drinking alcohol or being given the right to vote are permitted from this age. They are going to enjoy a greater degree of freedom, also having new responsibilities as an adult.


Many women wear “Furisode” that is traditional Japanese costume, being colorful and long-sleeved kimono on the Coming-of-Age Day.

But I love “new-adults-women” with formal suit better than those with “Furisode”!


A happy new year!

I’d like to wish you a happy new year. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year!

On New Years,We Japanese eat New Year's foods and zoni that is soup containing rice cakes and vegetables with my family. A soup with rice cakes is cooked in various ways according to regional custom. It's a traditional Japanese food!

I would like to change the subject to my activity about fetish works, I will produce new fetish works this year, too! I have a idea that I planned for several years. I want to carry out the plan by all means! Please look forward to them!