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WET GIRLS 07 chapter1


This is 7th collaborative work( chapter 1 ) of Office Lady Special and SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple.

The story starts when a school teacher thinks about instruction of the swimming fully clothed in a class of the physical education. Then she meets a student by chance! She has experienced the swimming fully clothed, so she will show her tips of that. A student with school uniform and a teacher with suit practice the swimming fully clothed together in a pool! This is chapter 1 of the story.

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An examination to enter the women's soccer club


A girl entered a certain women's college this spring. Now she is wearing her clean suit that she wore at an entrance ceremony.


Today she will take an examination to enter the women's soccer club at her college, being at a fallow rice field. The contents of the examination were beyond her imagination.

It will be conducted in a fallow rice field where water was filled. Look at her figure with suit that will be covered with mud!

■An examination to enter the women's soccer club(DM15-1)
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