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Ripping suit of a college girl doing job-hunting3


Today I started to release 'Ripping suit of a college girl doing job-hunting 3 '. A Japanese cute college girl is wearing a very thin striped suit with 1 buttons. This scene starts after bathing. She cuts her skirt, jacket and blouse with scissors step by step, tearing up her pantyhose.


When she cuts her outfit to rags, taking a bath or taking a shower with her ripped suit on! The cloth of skirt,jacket and blouse is torn to shreds by herself and floats on the surface of the hot water. Please watch and enjoy her last work!

Sample video clip of the work isn't uploaded on my YouTube channel but on the XCREAM page( order page ) about the work's explanation below.

■Ripping suit of a college girl doing job-hunting3
video clip(10min.) ・・・(1500 YEN)⇒ order page