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New work : WET GIRLS 05


Today we (the owner of 'SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple' and I) released new work, WET GIRLS 05, it is the final chapter of the works that we made last summer!

I have started a project since last summer, and have released some works since last November. I made collaborative works with the owner of 'SCHOOL WET SPLASH multiple' that is Japanese wetlook website!

In these works, two Japanese models appear, they play a role as Sisters, wearing school uniform and outfit, soaking wet to the skin in the end!

Please visit the LINK PAGE below to check details of our works!

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Trash the suit for job-huntting


I started to release 'Trash the suit for job-huntting'. It is a scene after 'Dirty suit by taste test'. This new work(Trash the suit for job-huntting) is a set commodity made up of video clip and photo sets!

A cute college girl is wearing suit for job-huntting. It is typical black suit for young college girls doing job-hunting in Japan. She is wearing a black tight skirt, a  black jacket with 1 button and an open-collared white blouse!

At first, a staff cuts her skirt with scissors. After that she slits cloth of skirt or blouse into strips by herself! Of course, her skirt becomes short and the blouse and the jacket are to rags. Finally she takes a shower with suit that was torn to shreds!

Sample video clip of the work isn't uploaded on my YouTube channel but on the XCREAM order(explanation) page below.

■Trash the suit for job-huntting
video clip(10 min) and photo sets(95 images)
・・・(1300 YEN)? order page


Underwater version : Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer3


This work is underwater version of "Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer3" I released on the 27th of January,2017. The underwater scene occupies 86% of main parts. 

A cute Japanese college girl is wearing a black skirt suit with 2 buttons, that is the most typical suit called 'recruitment suit' for many Japanese young college girls doing job-huntting.


She gets into a pool to pick up a ball with her suit on! After that enjoys swimming with the crawl stroke or the breaststroke. Sometimes she dives into the pool and comes up from the pool. Water drips from the hem of her jacket, skirt, blouse and her long black hair. Please enjoy the world of underwater!

■Underwater version : Pool Party Wetlook Celebration of unofficial job offer3(DW16-3UW)

video clip・・・14 min.(1500 YEN) order page