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Underwater version of Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2


This work is underwater version of "Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2" that I released on the 16th of September,2016. The underwater scene occupies 96% of main parts. 

She is wearing a single gray suit with 3 buttons, walking around the pool, picking up balls one by one. That is a mini-game to get rid of her sense of terror for water. After the game, she wears swimming goggle and swims with a kickboard. Please enjoy the world of underwater!!

■Underwater version : Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2 (DW15-2UW)
video clip・・・9 min.(1200 YEN)➡ order page


Underwater version2


Last week, I released new work "Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2". This work is a sequel to Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1, having the underwater version, too!

I will release underwater version at the end of this month. Then, I will upload sample video on my YouTube channnel. Please wait for 3 or 4 days. Thank you!


Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2


Today I started to sell Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2(DW15-2).

This work is a sequel to Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'1(DW15-1), basing on a story that a young  girl just enters a college and participates in  trial 'fully clothed swimming club'. 


In this scene, she is wearing a single light gray suit with 3 buttons. As her sense of terror for water has not been completely removed, she walks around the pool. But only walking isn't interesting for her. So I adopt a game-like factor on that! She throws some balls into a pool and she gets into the pool, picking them up one by one. She repeats two set of games with her suit on!


In the pool, if she picks up the ball of the neighboring lane, she should sinks under the bottom of the course rope. She covers the face by hands whenever she goes up from under the water. The gesture is very innocent. She sometimes goes up to the poolside in order to put a ball, then water drips from the hem of her jacket and skirt. After picking up all balls, she wears swimming goggle and swims with a kickboard. She is gradually getting used to swimming fully-clothed.

■Trial 'fully clothed swimming club'2 (DW15-2)
video clip・・・19 min.(2200 YEN)➡ order page


Trash the summer uniform


Today I started to sell 'Trash the summer uniform'. This new work is ' Set commodity'being made up of video clip and photo sets!

A cute college girl is wearing summer uniform. tight skirt and blouse with half sleeves, taking a bath to her heart content.


After that she splits her blouse and skirt one after another with scissors by herself! Her skirt becomes the mini and blouse being to rags. Finally she takes a bath again with her ripped uniform!

Sample video clip of the work isn't uploaded on my YouTube channel but on the XCREAM order(explanation) page below

■Trash the summer uniform
video clip(13 min) and photo sets(103 images)
・・・(1800 YEN)? order page


New release! Surrounded by water balloons!


Today I started to sell 'Surrounded by water balloons!'(DW14-2). This new work is made up of video clip and photo sets!

At first, a cute college girl takes a shower and a bath. Bathtub becomes full with water balloons by 'Magic Balloons'! She is surrounded by many water balloons step by step.

Dw14b_2After enjoying bathing with water balloons which is a mysterious experience beyond her normal perceptions, she plays mini game with me. If she loses the game, she is to receive a penalty game for me (us)! Of course she loses the game!


She takes off her jacket as the penalty game, so you can watch her cute brassiere through her white blouse! As she is very shy girl, that is enough as a penalty game for her.

■'Surrounded by water balloons!'(DW14-2)
①video clip・・・22 min.(2400 YEN)? order page
②photo sets・・・83 images(700 YEN)? order page