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Dripping wet and See-through 2


This video clip contains mainly swimming scene with clothes. A model is wearing a white blouse with three-quarter length and black tight skirt.


At first, in the poolside she splashes water by herself to get use to water in the pool. So she has already got wet through before getting into the pool!


In the pool, she swims the breaststroke of 25 meters many times. Of course her underwear was showing through her light summer blouse. You can watch the state carefully.

You can buy this video clip only at the download shop, XCREAM shown below.

Dripping wet and See-through 2
video clip : about 14min.
photographs : 45 images


Clothing change?


Japan has all four seasons. June and October are the months of seasonal clothing change(known as 'koromogae') in Japan. It is a seasonal Japanese custom.

As today is beginning of June, in almost all of the schools and companies, we change our clothes for the summer. Generally, the uniforms are thick clothes in dark colors for winter and lighter-colored, light clothes for summer.

But young college girls wear recruitment suit that is typical suit for the people doing job-hunting in Japan. Even in the midsummer, they are wearing jacket! It is a Japanese custom, too!