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3rd(last) day of Swimming with suit


Thank you for waiting! today I started to sell 3rd(last) scene of new work; "Training camp with swimming club [ Swimmng with suit lasting for three days!] " . This new work are consisted of 3 scenes. If you want to know about 1st or 2nd scene, please see previous articles for details!


In 3rd [last] scene(this video clip), a beautiful Japanese model is wearing navy-blue recruitment suit with three button, acting a college girl who belongs to the swimming club, taking part in a swimming club training camp lasting for three days. Of course, this scene shows 3rd [last] day of a training camp with swimming club. She enjoys swimming or  bathing !   

Firstly, she does kicking(beating) water by her feet in the poolside, touching her buttocks in the shallow place in the pool, so her suit is dripping wet in an instant! And she tries to get into the pool, noticing that she didn't do warming‐up exercises! She carry them out hastily. 


After that she gets into the pool, swimming the breaststroke. After a light swim she comes up from the water and sat down on a bench on the poolside, having a break. She jumps into the pool, starting to swim again. In an interval of the swimming, she sits down on a kickboard or floats her body in the pool!


This is "last day" training camp. So she enjoys 'bathing with suit' after swimming! As the water of the bath is much warmer than that of the pool, she is relaxed and become comfortable. When she feels hot,taking off her jacket. You can watch her sexy black brassiere through her blouse! 

■3rd(last) day of Swimming with suit(DW13-3)
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