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New Photograph Collection Release!

I published some new photograph collections on 'Gcolle ; downroad store'. New works are wetlook scenes; "Omizuasobi(Playing with water)" label's number 5.

Detail explanation or sample photos are shown on 'Omizuasobi.net', that is expressed in Japanese. Each sample photo's size is 640pix - 480pix. But each size of the new photograph collections sold on  'Gcolle ; downroad store' is 2000pix - 1500pix, so they are high quality photographs.

Downroad store (Photo)
Downroad store (Omizuasobi Movie)

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New Omizuasobi work!

Today I published new wetlook movie(sample) on my YouTube channnel and website 'Omizuasobi.net', although it is expressed in Japanese. In that website, you can watch sample photographs, too.

This wetlook work is "Omizuasobi(Playing with water)" label work, produced by Office Lady Special. This is first movie in this year.

Omizuasobi downroad store


Pleasant sensations of cold water

Om5a First wetlook work in this summer will be released at the end of this month. It is "Omizuasobi(Playing with water)" label work, produced by Office Lady Special. This label's work will be released for the first time in four years.

This new work is taken in a river surrounded with rich nature of Tokyo's suburbs. As you guess, water of a river is cold even if it is summer in contrast to beach or pool. So a model and I ourselve were having fun and taking picture and filming in the river, feeling coldness of the water. It was very pleasant sensations because on that day it was a roasting day!

Om5b She wears recruitment suit ( It is typical suit for young college girls doing job-searching in Japan, it is looks like ordinary business suit, being usually a monotone and a quiet colour, for example; black, gray, navy blue.) or outfit for office with pantyhose and pumps put on. She enters the river and plays with water, splashing water to herself and so on...gradually her suit or uniform are getting wet to the skin!

The state that she enjoys playing in the river will comes through photographs. Today I publish some photographs about that new work, which are going to be contained in collections of degital photographs sold at 'Gcolle ; downroad store' on the end of this month! And from the new work, photographs's size are 2000pix - 1500pix.

If you want to watch more sample photographs, you can watch them on 'Omizuasobi.net'  that is Japanese website, I am sorry.

A movie of that work will be published in this blog and my YouTube channnel on the end of this month, too. Please look forward to publishing!

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In a river in certain forest full of nature

1_2 Days with high temperatures have been continuing in Japan recently. Yes, it comes summer, "Wetlook season" starts in Japan! So in various parts of Japan, the temperature has been over 30 degrees Celsius for many days, so is my hometown near Tokyo!

Today I announce the new work that is going to be released by the end of this month. It is wetlook work taken pictures in a river in certain forest full of nature. This is 'Omizuasobi  (Playing with water)' label work, produced by Office Lady Special. 

2_3 I had a cute Japanese girl enjoy photography while bathing in the water which it was cold, and was comfortable to a body in the hot day. She is playing with water in the river in the forest. Pleasant sensations of cold water comes through a voice and an expression of her.

In the near future(within one week), I will publish some photos in this blog, and sample movie on my YouTube channnel at the end of this month! Please look forword to publishing.