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New WETLOOK, athletic facilities with water

001Now,in November, it's Autumn in Japan. So it becomes colder and colder gradually, the temperature is about 15-20 degrees on average. So it's time for people to try to take part in any sport, for example hiking, walking, mountaineering, athletic fields and activities and so on.

002This time, I went to an athletic fields near Tokyo to make a movie of WETLOOK scene. There were some facilities with water. Although there were many field athletic facilities, too, I made a model challenge only facilities with water! (hahaha) At first I said to her to achieve them without failing to run into an artificial basin with water. She cleared some facilities successfully. But as she tried several times, owing to tedium and gaining more experience, she became less careful, falling into the water!

003On this new work, there are 2 scenes, in first scene she wears light gray recruitment suit, which are typical suits for young girls doing job-searching in Japan, in second scene she wears black one. She tackles all facilities not only with her recruitment suit on but also with pumps and pantyhose.

Additional information, some more photos and sample movie(DVD) will be published at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month. I will publish some photos and sample movie on my website ; Office Lady Special, (Though that  is expressed in Japanese) and this blog. Sample movie will be opened in my YouTube channel, too.  Please look forward to! Thank you!

YouTube channel

photo set (downroad site)